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Premium Chauffeur Services

A promotion offer of *HK$2500 (and up/trip) for Hong Kong <>Macau's point-to-point transfer service.  
Local chauffeur limousine service also could be arranged in both Hong Kong and Macau according to your needs. 
* Except Designated Partners


The Bridge is 55 kilometers long and the main bridge is about 29.6 kilometers long. It is now the longest immersed tunnel in the world and the longest bridge and tunnel combination road in the world


The opening of the Bridge not only brings unlimited opportunities for the Macao's economy, people's lives, logistics closer to Hong Kong and Zhuhai.  It also provides a convenient transportation network for all the travelers rather from China, Hong Kong, Macao or worldwide through the Bridge on a point-to-point self-driving tour or via different cross-border transport.  It defines as a more flexible and comfortable option for all the travelers now


After the opening of the Bridge, the travel time between Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macau has been greatly reduced.  The travel time will only take about one hour and there is no need go via Humen Bridge so Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai will also be closer and much closely connected.  It is a significant development of the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau


Premium Services:

We provide luxury point to point chauffeur services to Hong Kong and Macau (including airport pick-up services).  Our well experienced drivers are professionally trained to ensure your journey is as comfortable; as safe and as smooth as possible


Our chauffeur services are equipped with real time traffic news update, WIFI support with distilled water supply for all our guests

On Time

We provide luxury chauffeur services aiming to have our guests to travel without  disembarking at customs or immigration check points and to arrive the destination on time


We provide luxury chauffeur services to point-to-point destinations in Hong Kong and Macau

Professional Chauffeur:

We provide Experienced Professional Trained Chauffeurs


Our drivers have more than 5 years of qualified experience to ensure safe and comfortable journey for all our guests


Our professional trained drivers are in uniforms, they are enthusiastic, courteous and proficient in Cantonese, Mandarin and English

Superior Fleets:

Hygienic and Safety

We maintain daily hygienic use of Japanese brand "Extreme" sterilization and disinfection with daily mandatory inspection and regular maintenance on all our fleets


Our fleets feature the latest 7 seats vehicle with luxury amenities

We are happy to arrange your services

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